I started letter-folding in late 2005, while letter-folding had caught the imagination of the members of the social bookmarking site del.icio.us. A popular link was to the large repository of folding letter designs at ghh.com.

It was from this website that I learnt the florentine fold and instantly fell in love with it, and it is the florentine fold that the designs on this website are based on.

The florentine is my favourite fold for several reasons:

I'm a keen origami enthusiast with a very limited repertoire - generally I fold cranes, small cranes and tiny cranes. I'd had some success a few years ago with printing a graphical design for an origami crane on the top of a sheet of paper, cutting it out and folding it into a multicoloured super-crane.

As such, having discovered letterfolding and sent a number of letters to friends national and international, it seemed natural to try printing designs to the same end. The result is this website.

You can write to me at alex@beefour.com